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Dyehouse Network

THEN-Colour Kitchen Manager (CKM)

The modular colour kitchen system

Automatic Dissolving Station ADS

ADS automatic dissolving station
The ADS automatic dissolving station can consist of up to seven solvent tanks of various sizes for the supply of up to 20 dyeing machines and serves the fast and reliable dissolving of powdery products and dyestuffs. 
Dissolving parameters such as temperature, dissolving time, solubility, etc. are preset and monitored by the control unit without manual intervention. The operating personnel is guided by means of a clear monitor display, which shows all ADS call-ups, a system diagram and information concerning the machine, requisition number, components and quantities. The working sequence is arranged according to priorities.
Dissolving parameters such as temperature, dissolving time, water volume and type are given and automatically calculated. The parallel preparation of up to seven requisitions is possible.
The solvent tanks are electrolytically polished on the inside and fitted with a mixing and transport pump, constant level measurement, temperature control and a cleaning device. As a result of the transport of the additions with one pump, the position of the ADS can be freely selected. Absorption and dissolving occur automatically and in an operator-friendly manner.

SCALE weighing station
Scales of differing size can be connected to the system. Linkage of the SCALE weighing station to the TDS control system allows a weighing order sequence in line with the individual priority of the machine requests. Correct product solution takes place using a wireless barcode scanner.  The respective weighing tolerance can be defined for each product. The superordinated control system stores the weighing protocol for further processing.