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THEN-Colour Kitchen Manager (CKM)

The modular colour kitchen system

CKM System

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The THEN COLOUR KITCHEN MANAGER (CKM) colour kitchen management system is of modular design. In the basis version, the CHD chemical and auxiliary dosing unit offers a compact, process controlled measurement and distribution system. Chemicals and liquid dyestuffs are measured volumetrically and transported to the equipment via a line system.
CKM surveillance ensures precisely dosed supply of the machines, which prevents off-shade dyeing and inadequate reproducibility. Moreover, the closed line system reduces environmental impact to a minimum. 
The SCALE weighing system with bar code scanner and the ADS automatic dissolving station are modules for powdered dyestuffs and auxiliaries. The next development phase involves dyestuff supply via a parallel line system, the dyestuffs entering the distribution system via the SCALE recipe-controlled weighing station and the ADS automatic dissolving station.