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THEN-Colour Kitchen Manager (CKM)

The modular colour kitchen system

Chemical Dispensing System CHD

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Process controlled measurement and distribution system

The THEN CHD chemical dispensing system allows the dosing of chemicals and auxiliaries in amounts from 50 ml to several hundred litres from the chemical room to the individual machine units. The basis version of the CHD comprises a compact, process controlled measurement and distribution unit. Autonomy with regard to the space available is provided by compact design and the use of pumps. Installation is simple and cost efficient.
Volumetric measurement tales place by means of flow meters during transport via a line system to the machine units. Water consumption is reduced markedly due to the use of compressed air as a transport medium, while absolute reproducibility and maximum dosing precision result in a cut in the quantities of chemicals employed and the minimisation of subsequent topping up.  In addition, CHD safeguards the operating personnel against contact with chemicals.
Each CHD unit is mounted on a stainless steel frame and comprises:

  • Basic collector module for the linkage of the chemical tank to the line system
  • Transport pump
  • PLC controller with Profibus connection (L2-DP)
  • Rinsing water connection

The system can be employed on a stand-alone basis, or be integrated into an existing IT system by means of interfaces to all standard recipe formulation and control systems. The decentralised control system, device control via a bus system and variable, individual line layout make an extension of the distribution system through the connection of additional machines extremely simple.