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Dyehouse Network


The complete control system

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The complete control system
The intelligent THEN DYNET control unit consists of a Windows® PC with touchscreen and a main control unit (MCU). The control system has intuitive operator guidance and animated, self-explanatory operating icons. The most important functions are:

  • Multi-tasking and batch overlapping
  • 3 in 1 function (dosing, rinsing, cooling)
  • Dynamic Quality Control (DQC) for the self-regulation of dyeing processes
  • THEN-VOLMEDOS for automatic dosing (linear, progressive, digressive)
  • Salt dissolving function, salt dosing
  • Service and diagnosis tools
  • Teleservice capability via modem
  • Process visualisation.

During network operation, the control system can access the control station data and, conversely, the complete control system can also be operated from the control station. Batch processing is shown in real time. Apart from the set and actual values of the machine, defects and manual interventions by the operator are also registered. The resulting curves can be freely configured.
The dyeing program and all the necessary parameters are fed into the MCU, which controls the program sequence with the PLC control unit.  The process field bus (Profibus) system simplifies the electrical installation work and facilitates defect searches.
Dyeing programs are processed using the same macro-editor as that employed by the TDS control station. The editor accesses the control station directly via the network.