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Dyehouse Network


The complete control system

Technical Features


  • Standardised operating surface on the basis of »Windows2000«/»WindowsXP«
  • Dynamic programming (if ... then ...)
  • Integration of batch values from order management
  • Program export/import
  • Program management in sub-groups
  • Management of collections, global/local variables, customer catalogues, processes and treatments
  • Set time calculation
  • Simple recipe management
  • Configurable printout

  • Microsoft »Visual Studio«, »Visual C++«
  • Object-oriented development
  • Client-server architecture with DCOM (Distributed Component Object Model) technology
  • Central server components: TDS data server (data server for dyeing files)
  • Database independence through ODBC access
  • Fully normalised database
  • Scalable displays
  • Use of source code management
  • Server and all clients use the same data structure

Additional modules
  • Batch generation (m:n)
  • User-dependent surface configuration (TDS Dyeman)
  • Freely configurable batch data fields and status flags
  • Call up/management of dyeing data via Intranet/Internet using a standard browser

External interfaces
  • Remote control (B&R, IBR, Keiltronix, etc.)
  • External order-related systems (PPS/ERP systems)
  • External batch-related systems
  • Recipe management: »Osiris«, »DataProcess«, »ColorMaster«, »ITM Process1.3«, »ITM Process 2.0«
  • Stock management
  • Weighing system (dye cake)
  • Floor scales (packer)
  • Process parametering via external optimisation programs
  • Downstream  labelling systems