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Dyehouse Network

THEN Dyehouse System (TDS)

The integrated management system


The TDS contains functions, which are only available from THEN. Accordingly, dyeing processes are shortened by means of the optimum use of dyeing machinery capacity. This includes batch overlapping, involving the preparation of the bath for the subsequent batch, while the final treatment phase of the batch in the machine is still undergoing completion. The time gains can be as high as 30 minutes per process.
Reserve machine capacity is systematically employed in order to avoid standstills. In addition, high-priority call-ups are given preferential treatment. The system carries out optimisation according to the time remaining until the dyeing machine actually requires the demanded product. An optimum working sequence is prescribed via the operating controls on the PC.

The outstanding advantages
THEN's long-term experience in the organisation of discontinuous dyehouses offers numerous advantages:

  • Order management, logging of part orders
  • Order management release according to configurable working phases
  • Pre-sorting of orders in »machine pools« using order data
  • Configurable order/display data
  • Filtering (optional), according either to machine pools or order sub-groups
  • User-defined, machine-related batch visualisation (job lists)
  • Call-up optimisation with information concerning the maximum optimisation time
  • Automatic batch starts
  • Batch entry, (detailed) order management, release
  • Batch-related logging/display of all production data
  • Running batches: remote control, receipt signals
  • Receipts for batch-related jobs
  • Configurable batch printout
  • Combination of several orders to form a batch
  • Batch-related reports  (see picture below)
  • Machine-related reports; operator interventions, defects, call-up requirements
  • Shift statistics
  • Visualisation of the requested data
  • Export of the requested data in ASCII files for external evaluation programmes

An additional advantage is supplied in the form of complete batch documentation with machine- or batch-related evaluation of the data shown, as well as cost and weak point analyses. System reports can also be called up centrally and grouped as information, warnings and faults. Dynamic programming increases the use and reuse of the dyeing programmes.