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Dyehouse Network

THEN Dyehouse System (TDS)

The integrated management system

Management System

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TDS undertakes the management and organisation of the dyehouse and integrates both THEN and other products, as well as PC control systems and hosts into a unified dyehouse system. This includes order management, recipe formulation systems and programs for the optimisation of dyeing processes. The complete software is fully object-oriented programmed using the latest development tools.
The linkage of individual, dyehouse components guarantees an optimised data flow, as well as a clearly structured and flexible production sequence. The input of production data takes place centrally.
TDS transfers the process programs in accordance with the order management sequence to the controls of the dyeing machinery via the standardised operating surface.
As appropriate, production recipes are transmitted to the weighing station, the ADS dissolving station or the CHD chemical dispensing unit. The dyeing machines log and feed back set and actual values, all types of statistics and defect reports to the control systems. Where necessary, this data is also visualised.