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Dyehouse Network

THEN Dyehouse System (TDS)

The integrated management system

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Software for efficient dyehouses

Unless dyeing systems are integrated into an optimum network, dyehouses can waste valuable resources. Therefore, THEN offers a wide range of harmonised system components for the creation of efficient dyehouse networks.
In order to achieve reliable dyeing quality and improved reproducibility, the network supplies the dyeing systems with dyestuffs, chemicals and auxiliaries, quickly, as required and in exact doses.  
System control represents a further task of such networks. The employment of networks allows the co-ordination of process phases and the optimum use of capacity. In addition, order management is linked with the machine controls in order to form a complete dyehouse network.
The THEN network concept is open and flexible. Partial solutions for gradual network creation are possible, e.g. an independent chemical dosing system. All THEN control and colour kitchen components operate using standard interfaces. This allows the integration of plant units from other manufacturers into THEN networks.