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Piece Dyeing


Top class beam dyeing


  • Liquor circulation in line with the product type using either an axial flow or high-performance centrifugal pump.
  • Pressure and injection pump with pressure regulation valve and recooler.
  • Preparation and expansion tank.
  • Liquor volume control.
  • Sampling device.
  • Kier diameter of up to 1,800 mm.
  • Dye beams with diameters of 300 - 1,100 mm.
  • Collars for short resetting times when using various fabric widths.
  • Mobile carriers for dye beams of various diameters.
  • Transport carts for dye beams and dye beam carriers.
  • Possibility of using one or more dye beams.
  • Max. dyeing temperature: 140 °C at 4.5 bar.

    In the case of the THEN HST, ecology and economy are far more than mere buzzwords.  Indeed, a range supplementary devices is available in order to raise the systems efficiency still further:

    • A closed expansion tank can be fitted to reduce cooling water and heating energy consumption.
    • Optional throughflow quantity and differential pressure measurement and control can be employed to secure dyeing process quality and optimisation.
    • Gentle handling of the fabric is an important beam dyeing quality characteristic. In the case of the THEN HST, automatic pressure regulation ensures protective pump running. This is especially important with regard to delicate, lightweight fabrics, e.g. high-elastic knits with a relatively low elastane content.
    • The liquor linkage of two machines of the same size serves to assure the quality of large batch dyeing.
    • A special option is provided by the hot drop, which allows a considerable reduction in dyeing times.
    • Air is a major problem in connection with beam dyeing, as it can be enclosed in windings in the fabric during liquor filling. This frequently leads to defective dyeing, the correction of which is a major undertaking. THEN HST guarantees automatic winding deaeration and thus ensures a perfect product.