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Piece Dyeing


Top class beam dyeing

Creating value added

 Laboratory and sample beam dyeing machines

The sales programme contains laboratory and sample beam dyeing equipment of various sizes for dyeing experiments and sample batches. Small units are delivered in compact design as tabletop devices or in a base frame. In all units, sampling takes place via a sluice, which is used to take a sample directly from the batch. This ensures complete compatibility between the sample and the end product.

THEN-DYNET – the complete control unit

The intelligent THEN-DYNET control unit consists of a Windows® PC with touchscreen and a main control unit (MCU).
On the one hand, in network operation, the control system can access the control station data and, on the other, the complete control system can also be operated from the control station. 
Batch processing is shown in real time. Apart from the set and actual values of the machine, defects and manual interventions by the operator are also registered.