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Piece Dyeing


Top class beam dyeing

Technical Highlights

Dyeing autoclave with textile winded on dye beam
Liquor pump axial reverse type
Heat exchanger
Expansion / preparation tank
Circulation system for expansion tank with backcooler
Liquor pump radial type

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Above please find technical data for some standard machines, other diameters / length are provided on request.

High-temperature THEN HST piece dyeing represents a highly versatile and economic system for the dyeing of large quantities of standard items. Globally proven design offers the optimum prerequisites for the efficient and perfect bleaching and dyeing of weaves and open knits.
The THEN HST can be supplied with either an axial reversible pump for knits and permeable weaves, or a centrifugal pump for dense woven fabrics.
The liquor pressure and volume are adjusted to match the respective fabric type and quantity. A second liquor circuit leads to the expansion and preparation tank via a pressure pump with pre-connected recooler and inspection glass. The pump generates static pressure, which can be infinitely adjusted and remains constant throughout treatment, irrespective of the temperature. Machine topping up can be completed at any time using the pressure pump.