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Aerodynamic High Temperature Piece Dyeing Machine

Aerodynamic System

Let the Air Flow
The patented aerodynamic system is based on the principle that the fabric transport is effected by air only, which means that as opposed to a hydraulic dyeing machine, no dye liquor or aqueous medium is required to transport the fabric. The fabric is constantly in motion from loading to the batch end, even during the discharge and filling processes.

No Limits

Knits and woven fabrics from light up to heavy weight and virtually any fibre or ­fibre blend can be bleached and dyed without machine modifi­cations or changes.
The modular system of the THEN-AIRFLOW® SYNERGY allows taylor made machine configurations, which guaran­tees maximum efficiency.

Proven Success

Several hundred plants in successful operation around the world document the reliability and economy of this dyeing system, which is based on aerodynamic principles.

Ongoing Research

Ongoing, further development guarantees reliable and long-term investment protection.
Moreover, the diversity of the applications offered by the system is genuinely outstanding.