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Aerodynamic High Temperature Piece Dyeing Machine

The ecological solution

For hundreds of years, water, which is a precious human resource, has been the most important element in textile finishing. Water has been used in large quantities for fabric dyeing.
A step in the opposite direction was taking place in 1979. The THEN Research and Development department asked itself the question how the enormous volumes of water required for piece dyeing could be reduced along with the related energy costs.

This rethink commenced with the development of the THEN-AIRFLOW ® technology, which already faced the fact that even though water had served as a transport medium in the past; it was and is still today not available everywhere in sufficient quantities.
However, water is today an even more expensive medium. The answer to this is the new THEN-AIRFLOW® SYNERGY. This model offers previously unattainable economic and ecological advantages.

The outstanding advantages are:

  • Unlimited flexibility with regard to all fibres (except pure wool) and fabrics weight classes between 50–800 g/m.
  • The lowest liquor ratio on the market: man-made fibres approx. 1:2, natural fibres 1:3 to 1:4, depending on the article and structure.
  • Energy savings of approx. 40% compared to hydraulic jet-dyeing machines.
  • A reduction in the overall process time of around 25%.
  • The most advanced piece-dyeing machine available today. Providing a competitive edge through the lowest available processing costs.
  • Lowest water consumption and ­effluent represent an ecologically sound solution.