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Yarn Dyeing


The economic HT-dyeing system for all yarn make-ups

Technical Highlights

Dye autocalve
Reversing gear
Special pump
Heat exchanger
Sampling Device
Additions tank with salt dissolving function
Preparation tank for the complete liquor

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Flexibility for all types of yarn  

The infinitely adjustable liquor level of the THEN-COMAT® HRL permits operation with minimum loads, while retaining the liquor ratio within practical limits. In order to answer the demand of the market for flexible production possibilities, the THEN-COMAT® HRL is available with a diversity of optional features: 

  • A preparation tank for the entire liquor. Due to overlapping functions, this results in massive time savings.
  • An sample pot, which guarantees identical sample/batch colours.
  • HT drop, which facilitates time savings during emptying and the optimum use of heat energy.
  • »Pulse Steam Rinser« coils for the simple and rapid removal of residual chemicals and hydrolysate during reactive dyeing.
  • Batch dewatering during which compressed air leads to reduced rinsing water consumption and drip-free yarn bobbins during batch changes.  
  • Measurement and regulation of the pH-value.
  • Paired couplings for higher capacities.
  • A transport basket for larger bobbins simplifies unloading.
  • A fully automatic, quick-closing cover.
  • THEN-DYNET® controls for fully automatic dyeing.