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As a result of the networking of especially co-ordinated components, performance can be achieved, of which would be impossible with isolated applications. This also applies to activities in the dyehouse. FONG'S EUROPE GMBH has developed an open system platform for this purpose, which links every production phase to form a complete process chain and thus facilitates the intelligent control and optimum use of capacity of all the plant units involved. Irrespective of whether dyeing machines, or dyestuff and chemical feeding units are involved, every device that you purchase from FONG'S EUROPE GMBH is prepared for integration into the dyehouse network.

Integration of equipment from other manufacturers

For us, the topic of integration is extremely important. We do not adhere to the approach that seeks to bind you to a certain supplier. Our dyehouse network operates with open industrial standards and is expressly designed to accommodate older installations. Our control systems support the dyeing systems from all known suppliers.